Snowballs Remind Me of My Grandmother

December 25, 2013

From Janelle:

During an evening of Christmas festivities in our neighborhood I saw them and instantly my heart wrenched remembering that my grandmother was gone. I’ve been thinking about her lately; it must be the holidays. I reached my hand through a bevy of bundled children at an outdoor gathering and delicately extracted one through the tops of their knitted hats and parka hoods. It didn’t quite look like hers but I popped one in my mouth anyway. It was disappointing.

Later that evening I saw them again. These were the largest I had ever seen, brought by another guest the homeowner explained. I took a bite and it was as I remembered. Butter, heaps of rich butter, powered sugar and nuts. Tears welled as thoughts of my grandmother flashed as a video in my head and I vowed that I would make them in her memory this year.

My mother always hosts Christmas Eve but she has been very sick this year so I volunteered to save her from herself. My brother and his family are in town and she had assured him that she would sit still and allow the dinner to be prepared without her input but we all know that is impossible. This entire season has been a frantic flurry of parties, late nights, cocktails and friends. It has been FUN. I’m exhausted but overflowing with Holiday Cheer.

I’ve been reminiscing about my grandmother a lot these days and dreamt about my grandfather last night. There’s a melancholy tint to the holidays but I’m surprised at the amazing intensity in which I miss them. She was a child’s dream of a grandmother, soft, warm and loving. We spent hours together as she patiently taught me to bake, knit, crochet and sew. I haven’t done any of those things in decades and have a sudden urge to do so. I miss her. Snowballs make me think of my grandmother.

From Lewis:

I wish we could have made ALL of the parties. It has been a fun holiday season and one day when it settles down I’m going to have Janelle knit me a sweater that I’ll never wear. I hope her grandma will be watching over her shoulder so she doesn’t stick herself.



Pin my grandmother made

Pin my grandmother made



Things are Getting Dreary

December 16, 2012

From Janelle:

The weather turned dark and dreary a couple weeks ago and living in a bombed out shell of a house had started to become depressing.  Scaffolding has been firmly planted in the front entry way for months so it is no surprise that construction is in progress but we usually hear something along the lines of “OMG, you guys are REALLY remodeling!” when a visitor crosses the threshold.  Yes, and since July!

The Holidays restored my festive mood; I love Christmas season. Work is busy but the Holidays are sparkly and fun and we spend many nights with friends and family.  January is fast approaching and there won’t be much time for fun and parties then.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were party nights and I ran home to change for a dinner commitment Monday evening only to discover a big, bloody, disgusting steak marinating on the kitchen (BATHROOM!) counter.  Lewis came up the stairs, his cute face puckered up in disappointment.  Apparently the plumbers had disconnected the gas line to the BBQ, again.  His steak would not be grilled after all.  I don’t eat meat but I can’t imagine that a toaster oven cooked steak is anything close to a BBQd one!

From Lewis:

Well it wasn’t a grilled steak, but I was able to masterfully broil a boneless rib eye in the toaster oven and even had leftovers for a steak sandwich the next day.  Had a good laugh about it with the plumber. He forgot to reconnect the BBQ after pressure testing the system.

What do you do if your oven/BBQ is broken?  Pizza?  Chinese?

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