I Know I’m Weird, You Don’t Have to Tell Me

August 4, 2013

From Janelle:

The construction guys tell me I’m weird but really, they don’t need to, I know. I don’t like normal; normal is boring. I managed to squeeze away a few hours from work so that I could meet with the floor installers and banish the undesirable pieces to unnoticed corners and supervise the cabinet pull hole drilling. We all know how it went the last time I supervised hole drilling but in case you don’t remember, the front door handle is crooked, very crooked. The holes were drilled where I asked them to be so I have no one to blame but myself which is why I needed to be here. I was informed in no uncertain terms that I did not need to peer over the installers shoulder by both Contractor Don and Installer Wayne but I insisted and Wayne reluctantly agreed to meet back at the house after my meeting.


We went over which size handles went where and he carefully measured and gave his Professional Opinion and together we agreed on the exact placement for the handles on each size of cabinet or drawer. I have learned over time that the minute you aren’t paying attention something will happen so I hung out in the kitchen, much to his annoyance. I stepped away for a bit and he drilled holes for the large handles rather than the smaller ones on a medium sized cabinet; ugh! We joked that he didn’t realize that I wanted the smaller ones because he had pulled off my carefully labeled pieces of tape marked with the size and location when I had my back turned. It worked out fine as either the smaller or larger size fit the door and the small ones are backordered anyway. At some point he commented that “These are not normal” and I laughed, “Yes, I know, look around here. Nothing is normal because normal is BORING!”


The turning point in our relationship was when I pulled out the boob knobs for the Andy Warhol cabinet. Funny how that gets guys every time. Paul at Liz’s Antique Hardware where I purchased them never remembers me until I mention them when I call to check on our backorder. Wayne was enthralled that I would want not only a set of boobs on the cabinetry but lips, a hand and a butt. I know I’m weird but ordinary just doesn’t do it for me. Our house will be unusual and FUN and that’s just how I like it.  Why take yourself too seriously?

Boob Knobs

As Wayne wrapped up he commented that he thought I was nuts at first but that it was right that I was present for the installation and that he really liked all the handles, especially, of course, the boobs.


From Lewis:
Yup! She’s nuts and weird. I thought she was going to select every piece of wood going on the floor, hand it to the installers and do it all day. As for me and Wayne. It was good that she was there because if the mistake was made by us it could have been catastrophic. But since Janelle was supervising and I was outside no explanation was necessary. Once again I’m glad I was just a spectator when Janelle chose the position of the door handle. Gave my opinion and walked away without a scar.




June 16, 2013

From Janelle:

After a year of ordering samples, visiting showrooms, dragging wood pieces everywhere I went and accosting every friend I have with a spec of taste for advice, I have chosen a floor.  (Thanks Laura and Kevin!)

Many people don’t realize that design, as well as fashion, has trends.  A big style in flooring these days is “pickled” and I don’t care for it.  Reclaimed wood is hot as well and while it is gorgeous it just doesn’t fit my retro modern “rad with bling“ style (see March 10 “What’s Your Style?” post).  Dark and gray flooring are both hip now and every designer I’ve come in contact with over the past year tried to steer me in this direction.  I know they would both look amazing and that I would hate them.

I did find a couple lumbers that I really liked but they need to be oiled.  OILED.  Who in their right mind would buy floors that need to be OILED?  Maybe not annually but regularly every stick of furniture in the house would have to be moved so that the wood could be oiled.  No thank you!

For six months we had the 9” wide “farmhouse” oak floors laid out for daily viewing.  The workers moved them around, shoved them under the fireplace hearth stacked under trash, walked on them and an inch of dust covered them but still, I gazed at them, hoping a moment of clarity would show itself and give me inspiration.

We were in LA yesterday finalizing our cabinet hardware purchase at Liz’s Antique Hardware (thanks for your help Paul! and we even got a peek at Liz) and I stopped in a store called Croft House specializing in beautifully handcrafted custom furniture made from reclaimed lumber.  The pieces were beautiful, tactile and intriguing but they just don’t fit in with my design.  The salesperson/budding designer beamed when I told her how beautiful I found them and I lingered longer than necessary.

I finally decided that stained maple was the only solution and carried around a piece of the farmhouse board to match the color, hoping that we wouldn’t have to commission a custom stained product (custom means expensive!)  I visited several showrooms and then on a whim Lewis and I visited a store and voilà, there it was, a stained maple, 3 1/4” wide plank light brown, yes brown, (who knew?) floor.  The manufacturer is Lauzon in Canada of all places, the color Sahara in hard maple.  Let’s hope the wood is as beautiful covering the living room as it is on the 11” x 18” sample!

From Lewis:

Did we order flooring??? No way. Really? Which one are we getting? You mean it’s not from one of the samples all over the house??  It must have been in your car, right?  Well I guess we can move on then. What? I will take three weeks to get here?  From Canada!!  WOW!  So all we need to do now is level and seal and put in the radiant heat tubes.  Oh and let the wood acclimate to the climate for a week or two before it is installed. We are almost there.   The floors will be sealed so we won’t be able to walk on them for 15 hours.  It’s a good thing that Janelle is a monkey and can climb up the scaffolding…..


Lauzon sample over the farmhouse flooring.  The color brings out the shades in the hearth.

Lauzon sample over the farmhouse flooring. The color brings out the brown in the hearth.

Concrete floors before leveling.

Concrete floors before leveling.





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