Sometimes it is Just a Good Night

September 29, 2013

From Janelle:

The day after our 200 Year Anniversary Party I saw it and stopped in my tracks and gaped in horror.  We had been madly cleaning in preparation for the party for only a few days due to the continuing construction zone but it seemed that things were pretty well picked up.  I had not inspected under the bed as there is an inch of dust covering a lifetime of decorating magazines (see “Design Until We Drop”) and it was not something that I would be able to get to before the party.

The remodel has not yet hit the master bedroom/bathroom thus tidiness is key as well as a distracting focal point.  Holli Thomas delivered the bedspread I’d commissioned just the day before the party in the continuing evolution of the funky bed.  The fabric reminds me of my grandmother.  She had a straw purse embellished with peacocks in the 70’s and when I saw the pattern in the colors of my bedroom it seemed a perfect fit.

How and why I didn’t see it until the next day is beyond me but there it was, plain as day, as it had been the previous evening as sixty people meandered about checking out the new digs.


And no, I am not making it up.

From Lewis:

HA. Chicks sometimes worry about all the details nobody will notice. I’m sure we have not been ousted from any party list due to the dust under the bed but there must have been some conversation amongst anyone who looked further into things such as where we hide the sex toys.

Would you die of embarrassment or laugh or both?



We ARE Radiant! Why some cat may break out a rendition of “Disco Duck”

July 14, 2013

From Janelle:

Contractor Don makes fun of me. Not in a malicious manner but using the same technique little boys used when they pulled your pigtails because they liked you. I work with a bunch of guys and came to Lewis years ago, concerned, because they were constantly giving me a hard time about one thing or another and I thought that maybe they didn’t think that I was doing a good job (typical woman self-doubt). Here is something that you should all know ladies, a basic Man Show concept, something that as a grown adult female most likely never occurred to you; that behavior is translated as affection. OH. Duh. Over millions of years during the Evolution of Man, nothing’s really changed since grade school, right? I’m now a pro at dishing it out as much as they dish it to me, insults are traded as greetings and everyone’s happy.

Contractor Don shows me amazing (and not inexpensive!) options and then makes fun of me that it is “only the best for Janelle”. Honestly, stop showing me these things! I didn’t know that I needed heated floors until he presented the concept. In addition to the advantages of energy savings and evenly distributed radiant heat, the enormous furnace flue was removed creating space for a media cabinet and our ceiling is unmarred by ugly heater registers. Those benefits outweigh the I-don’t-know-and-don’t-want-to-think-about-any-more-additional-costs, right?

As usual, I had no idea what I was getting us into. The installers were here all last week laying a solar panel worthy reflective base to house the water elements. It looks like a bell bottomed, flowered silk shirt unbuttoned to the navel, gold chain clad cat could break out a rendition of “Disco Duck” at any moment. If only we had thought of silver flooring before ordering the brown stained maple. The wood arrived at long last yesterday, is “acclimating” and will be ready to install in a week or two.

The system was taken for a test drive and water flows through the orange tubing and no leaks! I forgot to ask; was it warm?

From Lewis:
Really Don. Stop giving her ideas. The only places I’ve seen heated floors and walkways is in the snow country. Luckily we are almost done and we really can’t add much more than we already have. RIGHT?? Well now with the silver and orange discotheque heated sub floor the HUDDLE couch will have a good temporary home. Yeah Baby…

What blows your mind about the opposite sex?




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