Sometimes it is Just a Good Night

September 29, 2013

From Janelle:

The day after our 200 Year Anniversary Party I saw it and stopped in my tracks and gaped in horror.  We had been madly cleaning in preparation for the party for only a few days due to the continuing construction zone but it seemed that things were pretty well picked up.  I had not inspected under the bed as there is an inch of dust covering a lifetime of decorating magazines (see “Design Until We Drop”) and it was not something that I would be able to get to before the party.

The remodel has not yet hit the master bedroom/bathroom thus tidiness is key as well as a distracting focal point.  Holli Thomas delivered the bedspread I’d commissioned just the day before the party in the continuing evolution of the funky bed.  The fabric reminds me of my grandmother.  She had a straw purse embellished with peacocks in the 70’s and when I saw the pattern in the colors of my bedroom it seemed a perfect fit.

How and why I didn’t see it until the next day is beyond me but there it was, plain as day, as it had been the previous evening as sixty people meandered about checking out the new digs.


And no, I am not making it up.

From Lewis:

HA. Chicks sometimes worry about all the details nobody will notice. I’m sure we have not been ousted from any party list due to the dust under the bed but there must have been some conversation amongst anyone who looked further into things such as where we hide the sex toys.

Would you die of embarrassment or laugh or both?



Our house has an Outside?

July 20, 2013

From Janelle:

The floor guy came yesterday to measure the moisture content in the wood and the manufacturer will let us know Monday when it can be laid down.  The wood is patiently “acclimating” so that it can be installed over the radiant (water heated) apparatus with the appropriate amount of humidity.  I, however, am not so patient.

After the flooring is in we can install our refrigerator, dishwasher and bar appliances.  My dishwasher drawer is getting a workout as I have started to stock the cabinets with treasures emptied from boxes hidden in the attic for the past year and everything is getting a quick wash.   We are happy with the layout of the kitchen; let’s hope there is enough room for all my pretty things.  Lewis makes fun of me and says that I have a “dish fetish” but I just can’t help myself.  I love beautiful serving pieces.  Yes, it tastes the same off a paper plate but the presentation is (almost) as important as the quality of the food.

We haven’t given much thought to the outside of the house as it’s an ugly 80’s A-frame and we figured that someday we will do something about that but we decided to replace the master and office sliding doors and windows upstairs and stucco the entire house.  There is dust and piles of stucco EVERYWHERE.  I’ll never have the modern, boxy look that I love but maybe we can add a façade to cover up the “triangle”.  When we started tearing out the “barn look” on the outside of the house we discovered that there were water lines hiding in the protruding stucco and that’s why they were there.  Ugh, who knew!  The Money Pit project continues….

From Lewis:

Someone brought up the movie The Money Pit with Tom Hanks. I remember it being a funny movie but now that we are living it we will have to rent it to see if it still is as funny.   Probably not.  As for the water  line, who would have thought to run it on the outside of the house and hide it in the decorative trim.  Just proves you don’t know until you start digging.  Anyway looking forward to the Kegerator being installed SOON.

What project did you get into that you hadn’t expected during a remodel?


The remodel has crept upstairs....

The remodel has crept upstairs….

The A-Frame has to go...

The A-Frame has to go…

Who would hide water lines in the OUTSIDE of their house?

Who would hide water lines in the OUTSIDE of their house?

The "Barn" has got to go...

The “Barn” has got to go…

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