Reasons Humpty Dumpty is doing El Camino de Santiago

September 13, 2016
  • Checked bag to Madrid rather than all the way through to Pamplona.  Luckily had time to run around the Madrid airport and check in my bag again.
  • Arrived in Pamplona with half my itinerary.  Went by memory (not a good thing after traveling for 24 hours) and took a cab to the same hotel I’m booked in the first night.  Was cooly informed by reception personnel that the only room they had available was for 3 persons and they would not budge on a discount.  As a windy road cab ride back down to Pamplona did not sit well with my queasy stomach I took it.
  • The chilly reception staff didn’t mention that I should make a dinner reservation in the dining room so I sat at a high bar table in the main traffic line for arriving guests making a bee line for the elevator.
  • Elevator?  What elevator?  I carried my bags up two flights of slippery wood stairs.  Good thing I packed light.
  • Forgot my Camino maps provided by the self guided tour company.  Lenni, my fabulous travel agent and friend arranged for me to have “orientation”  this evening at 6:00.  Thanks Lenni!

Learning experience:

  • I’ve traveled by myself but rarely without Lewis over the past twenty years.  Thanks, babe, for taking such good care of me!
  • Clean off our home desk once and for all!  We each leave things for the other there and as a result, can’t find anything.  My map and itinerary are buried there somewhere.
  • Get rid of clutter, it is killing us!
  • Get more organized.  I used to be super organized but it takes time.  Make time!
  • Stay off the computer.  Constant technology is stressful and I’m supposed to be staying away from it.  So far I haven’t relaxed, the whole point of this trip.
  • Learn to meditate.  Maybe I can find an app for it but isn’t using technology for meditation kind of counter productive?
  • I brought a new coloring book and pencils; use them!







Humpty Dumpty does El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

September 11, 2016

From Janelle:

Well, they finally broke me.  Just as indicated might happen in my last post, I finally cracked.  Not quite smashed into pieces as Humpty Dumpty when he fell off the wall but teetering on the edge.  Two jobs, two remodel projects, two corporate audits, TOO MUCH!

Post 80 HD

The house project started in January at my busiest time of the year as a corporate audit (not a bad thing, just a regular part of biz) was scheduled.  April commenced with office remodeling and shuffling personnel.  June ended with business travel piggy-backed by a second audit and the 2nd job has just been crazy-town all year.

The audits are over (on a high note I did so well they have scheduled out an additional year, a huge accomplishment and a nice payoff for all the hard work), the two jobs roll on (additional personnel have helped but every day still feels like Hans Brinker stuck his a finger in a dike), and the two remodel projects continue.  I hit the wall, first in January and then again, hard, about two months ago.

My fuse has been short and Lewis and I squabbled more about this project than any other.  It just took soooooo long.  Contractors can’t schedule incredibly busy subs and everything drags on and on and on and on.  The home project is finally almost completed but we’re so burnt we can’t think about furnishings and the joy in the room is gone, chiseled away each month by stress and confrontation.

We embark on cross country motorcycle trips every couple years and love them, me on my smaller but faster hog and Lewis on his cruiser.  He was adamant about heading to Colorado with our group and I just didn’t have it in me this year.  I’m tired and mentally exhausted.  Road-therapy has been good over the years but I’m not feeling it right now.

A friend walked El Camino de Santiago de Compostela  in Spain a year ago and from that moment I knew I needed to follow her footsteps.  WHEN never seems like a good time but when Lewis was insistent about the Colorado trip it was the right time for the Camino.

I’m traveling solo.  I don’t like to travel by myself but I’m going alone.  No time for a traditional thirty day Camino but the new boots will trek fifty miles in eight days.  The walk won’t be strenuous but I’m hopeful life as a pilgrim will be enlightening.

Lewis will join me in Barcelona after his road-therapy, we’ll rent a beach house for a week and remember life before we had too much crap.

From Lewis:

It’s true! It has been a rough year.  No more projects for a while. We are going to be here for a long time and so there is no rush to start anything else.

It is also true we like our road trips. Although I may like them a little more I wouldn’t say I was adamant about going on this trip cause I always want to go and I’ve been saying since last year that I would like to plan on it this year.  Janelle was just adamant that she didn’t want to go and I have no problem with that although I enjoy seeing her in the rearview mirror as we cruise on the open road. I will miss her on this trip. But I’m glad we’re spending time together in Barcelona. It should be a fantastic time after her trail therapy and my road therapy.  Who needs a shrink?

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