Sometimes it is Just a Good Night

September 29, 2013

From Janelle:

The day after our 200 Year Anniversary Party I saw it and stopped in my tracks and gaped in horror.  We had been madly cleaning in preparation for the party for only a few days due to the continuing construction zone but it seemed that things were pretty well picked up.  I had not inspected under the bed as there is an inch of dust covering a lifetime of decorating magazines (see “Design Until We Drop”) and it was not something that I would be able to get to before the party.

The remodel has not yet hit the master bedroom/bathroom thus tidiness is key as well as a distracting focal point.  Holli Thomas delivered the bedspread I’d commissioned just the day before the party in the continuing evolution of the funky bed.  The fabric reminds me of my grandmother.  She had a straw purse embellished with peacocks in the 70’s and when I saw the pattern in the colors of my bedroom it seemed a perfect fit.

How and why I didn’t see it until the next day is beyond me but there it was, plain as day, as it had been the previous evening as sixty people meandered about checking out the new digs.


And no, I am not making it up.

From Lewis:

HA. Chicks sometimes worry about all the details nobody will notice. I’m sure we have not been ousted from any party list due to the dust under the bed but there must have been some conversation amongst anyone who looked further into things such as where we hide the sex toys.

Would you die of embarrassment or laugh or both?



White IS a Color

September 21, 2013

From Janelle:

A blogger that I read regularly and enjoy dissed me. Well, maybe not me personally but dissed my beautiful white kitchen.

Caitlin Kelly of Broadside wrote “It also means making a shitload of spend-y and permanent decisions: tile, counters, sink, faucet, flooring, walls, lighting, appliances. No wonder so many people freak out or hire a designer or just choose all-white as the safest default.” 

No problema, I don’t dig beige or off white.  We all have to float our own boats, rights?

Ok, so I played it a little safe by opting out of wood on the front of the island but once the bar stools are in place, they will shine against the vast whiteness.

White is not boring, it is not unimaginative, it is not chosen due to lack of style.  White IS a color and it is beautiful.    It is a commitment to design, not a cop out.  White is modern and clean and stark or warm and uncluttered.  I LOVE white kitchens.  “Gutsy”, “ballsy” and “bold” are the words most used to describe my new home by guests.  An orange wall and boob knobs are not for the faint of heart.

As the kitchen is visible from the living room, it could have screamed “look at me” but it does not and fades into the background as intended. We have done a damn fine job of cleaning up but there may be a time when that doesn’t happen and who wants to look at dirty dishes when you walk in the front door?  The ginormous sink performs as designed; remnants of an entire meal are thrown in and no one takes note.  Occasionally a pan or griddle is left on the gas range and guess what, no one notices.  Why?  The kitchen is white.  The bar backsplash is orange, the furniture will be orange and lime green and the eye is drawn everywhere but to the kitchen.  I rest my case.

From Wikipedia:   White is the color of pure sunlight.. White light can be made by putting all the other colors of light on the spectrum together…. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.  I had no idea, no wonder I like white so much.  ALL my favorite colors are in it.

Wikipedia continues: White is linked with light, goodness, innocence, purity, cleanliness and virginity.  It is sometimes thought to be the color of perfection.   The opposite of black, white usually has a positive connotation.  White can stand for a successful beginning. In heraldry white depicts faith and purity.  White is linked with coolness and cleanliness because it is the color of snow.  …angles are usually imagined wearing white clothes.  

From Lewis:

A white and open kitchen also means I am followed around wiped up after. But after all if white is also linked to goodness and innocence it answers the question as to why I look good in it.  I do like the fact that after we are done using it and don’t want to do a complete clean up, we just put everything in the sink and wake up to it.

From Janelle:

He forgot to mention that his beautiful white halo is held up by little red horns!

What’s not to LOVE about white?







From Wikipedia:

This box shows the color white.

200 Year Anniversary Party

September 14, 2013

From Janelle:

We’d been scrambling to finish up in time to host the 200 Year Anniversary Party.  Friends invited us to their “cabin” in Idaho on beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene for five days over Labor Day weekend and although I have a strict rule that no one works in the house while we’re gone (see More Than Just Broken Glass) we were running out of time. Contractor Don installed the new sliders and windows upstairs while we vacationed.

Cabinet installation stalled for months and everyone blamed the painter so it must be true.  The kitchen doors were manufactured, installed and sent to the painter for his high gloss finish and they look like lacquer for a fraction of the cost but the bathroom doors remained in place, lost, forgotten and naked.  No matter how much I begged, the artist remained unresponsive to Contactor Don and Cabinetmaker Steve’s messages.  When you’re the best in town, everyone waits.

I had pretty much resolved myself to the fact that my beautiful new bathroom would be marred by unshuttered cupboards as they had finally been whisked to the paint shop but no promise of completion had been made.

Friday arrived as well as seventeen people frantically scurrying like busy church mice.   Contractor Don put up his hands in mock fright when he saw me.  “I don’t know if I should kiss you or strangle you!” I told him as we hugged hello.  Two carpenters, two electricians, one heater technician, two hardware installers, two painters, one contractor, one A/V guy, two gardeners, two metal workers, Lewis and one housekeeper madly attempting to clean up after each of them.  The freshly coated cabinetry was astonishingly installed and Alec the A/V guy finally left around 8:00.

Saturday arrived, the oppressive heat we’d been experiencing subsided, an amazing cotton candy sky put on a show as if on special order and The Party to celebrate my parent’s 50th anniversary as well as three other couples 50th was a success.  Oh, and everyone loved the house.

My dad went to college with a group of friends that has remained close over this last fifty-five plus years.  These people are my family.  We have celebrated more events that I could possibly count and grieved together on a few rare but devastating occasions.  We have camped, house boated, water and snow skied, resorted and cruised together for decades and each trip is anticipated as the Great Adventure that it is.  The stories, it is all about the stories.  The craziness was factual, the lore perpetual.  I never, ever grow tired of hearing the stories.

Fifty years together is an amazing accomplishment.  We have not yet hit the twenty year mark and for many years I wondered what the fuss was all about as to how hard marriage was as ours had always been easy.  The last few years have been hard; my jobs has become insane and the remodel stress has been real and tangible.  The constant differing of opinions and communication styles and varying alignments has changed the “us against the world” to sometimes “me or him siding with a construction vendor and against the other” and it is wearing and destructive.  We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and when we look around our beautiful new home we are proud and grateful but anxious to get back to the way things were; they were pretty damn good.  They’re still wonderful but there are a few sharp barbs here and there that need time to soften.   We had the opportunity to celebrate with four couples that have made it to that fifty year mark and I look forward to our twilight years as well, together.

From Lewis:

You always hear that if you can make it through a remodel you can make it through anything and in a lot of ways it is true. Hopefully it will return to some normalcy soon and we can enjoy the house that has taken a lot of work.

The party was a success and of course everyone liked the house.  Sometimes things never get done until the last minute.  It was a busy push the last few days and Janelle was a basketcase worrying about every detail but in the end it all turned out fine.  Now that it’s getting cleaner as less and less dust is left behind, Janelle will stay busy following me around with a towel, broom and closing doors behind me so good luck.

Do you have an extended family?

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