Here Comes the Sun

From Janelle:

Southern California is known for endless sunshine, moderate temperatures, surfers and Hollywood. While it is home to all those things, the sun doesn’t always take center stage. “June Gloom” is a little known fact outside of these parts but is a harsh reality. Oh, how you in Minnesota scoff at us but there’s a reason we live in our little slice of paradise and it isn’t because of the cheap housing or light traffic. Some of us wilt without sunshine, our hearts dry up and shrivel just a bit with each passing dismal day, longing for rays of glory to break through the clouds.

Beach dwellers are a seasonal species. While outdoor activity is accessible any time of the year, we, for the most part, seek shelter in our toasty homes like the rest of the country; it’s just too cold and dim to go out but when the sun bursts through, the inhabitants immerge as sand crabs from the ocean, greedily inhaling the salty air. I just can’t get myself motivated for a walk or bike ride I until I see sunbeams. Lewis doesn’t need illumination motivation and it drives him nuts.

It has been balmy for the past week but the day before July 4th was overcast and I was worried that the main attraction would not make an appearance. As an annual tradition we host a small bunch to celebrate our nation’s independence and The Sun is a requirement. A couple years ago fog was so heavy that the thunderous firework explosions were heard but not seen, a very sad day indeed. The sun gods were happy this July 4th, The Sun gave a spectacular performance and all was good.  

People assumed that we wouldn’t entertain during the remodel but our holiday and summer Booze Cruises stop for nothing. Friends invite their friends and one evening we had twenty people partying in our temporary living room at the foot of the master bed. The jokes were dirty, the decimal level high and some people thought it was odd but we didn’t care, we had a good time. We hosted gatherings in our bombed out bottom floor, a portable garage lamp rigged in the corner of the room the only light. No one cared. Laughter, cocktails, good food and great friends, that is what a home is for.

From Lewis:
It is true. I have met many people whose mood is dependent on the weather. I’m just an all weather person and enjoy any day for what it is…. another day to party!!! It has been harder entertaining during this ordeal but we enjoy sharing times with friends. Can’t wait to have all the food and drinks in the same room. We still have a mini fridge and the coffee pot in the bathroom (we’re waiting until the floors are installed), a mini fridge in the kitchen and our old fridge in the garage. Mixing a cocktail is sometimes a challenge!




8 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. Lynda Martinelli says:

    If I were you guys “every” day would have sunshine. Actually, it already does.

  2. Dee Wood says:

    Soooo true! Even with all the great weather we have — we still crave more sun!
    — That June gloom is a predictable downer!!
    Love it that you entertained in your bedroom! — those are good friends that ‘get’ what a challenge re-modeling is!

    • 80 degrees and sunshine keeps my seasonal affective disorder (SAD) away but since it is summer (finally, hoooooray!) it is gone for a while.
      I don’t think that anyone really “gets” the remodeling challenge until you go through it; I didn’t! You will. 🙂

  3. Rae Hilhorst says:

    I love how you are embracing life, It is so cold here that if you don’t go walking before 5pm forget it, either the cold gets to you or it becomes to dark. We are such babies here and are often referred to as SandGropers (Perth Western Australia) Average night temp at the moment is 3 degrees and days are sunny but cold at the average of 18 degrees. Lacking rain so I can feel more restriction coming our way. However at least the mornings are lighter. When living in NZ, as I know many other parts of the world you went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. So really I have a bloody check whinging about Perth’s weather. xxx Rae

    • This post was written tongue-in-cheek as well. It is never TOO cold to go outside, just too cold for someone that’s not used to much under 60 degrees. I can’t imagine going to and from work in the dark; how depressing!

      I LOVE that you are whining about your weather! It sounds very very very cold to me!

      One of these days we will get to Perth and the Leewin Winery on the Margaret River, one of our favorite wines. Have you been there?

  4. Rae Hilhorst says:

    Every year we have a long weekend in the Margaret River Region, usually in the winter as it is not so busy and you get to spend time with the people who make the wine. Wine and dine for three days solid. Love it, let us know if you need a guide. xxx

  5. That sounds lovely! Watch out, we may take you up on the invitation. Can’t wait to hear more about the Sandgropers.

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