This is progress?

From Janelle:

The hazy sunshine is burning off my dark mood with each ray that peeks through the clouds.  I feverishly hope that it is a vivid, sunshiny day; brightness always lightens me up.  We are going to an event today where we are to dress up as the “Princess and the Frog” but I feel like Cinderella covered in cinders, forced to toil away as her evil stepsisters gallivant around the kingdom having a fabulous time without a care in the world.  I’m tired.  I’m sick and tired of this project, work has been insane and twelve hour days have left me spent and lifeless and Lewis and I have been squabbling more than ever.  We knew this project would be hard and tough on our marriage but it’s a reality now; it’s hard.  We are both very much looking forward to finishing this project so we can get back to normal.

After the elation of choosing and ordering the wood floors wore off, Contractor Don decided that we needed to grind and seal the cement base.  It sounded innocent enough.  The grinding process was, of course, a mess but our house has been covered in dust for a year so it wasn’t that much worse than usual.  A sealer was applied to the floor, we couldn’t walk on it for eighteen hours, we climbed up scaffolding into our bedroom for a night and our shoes still stick and squeak after almost a week.  At least the nasty smell has dissipated.  There are a million flooring products in stock but of course I chose one with a three week lead time from Canada.  In addition to that delay the floors need to be acclimated to the climate for two weeks before they’re installed.  ACCLIMATED.  Who knew that such a requirement with wood flooring even existed?

We purchased the cabinet pulls at Liz’s Antique Hardware last weekend and designer Cynthia Pastor helped me mark the exact locations they should be mounted.  We are currently using the “tape method” to open drawers and while it serves the purpose, I’m anxious to utilize actual handles.  Dana Jones of The Kitchen Consultant has been spot on with every recommendation she’s made and any time I’ve veered away from her suggestions I’ve been sorry.  The interior cabinet in the middle of the island (bar, counter, I’m not sure what we will call the 16’ long expanse but it will eventually get a name) has two pull out drawers behind cabinet doors.  Dana suggested that we install two drawers rather than the cabinet but I thought that the island should look uniform and since we were used to the open-two-doors-and-then-pull-out-the-drawer-method it was no big deal, right?  Every time I go through that three step process I curse myself that I didn’t heed Dana’s advice.  I suggested to Lewis that we should change out the cabinets to drawers and I think that he could have strangled me.

We are now in “wait mode” for the heating elements to be mounted and then a wood covering to protect them until the flooring is laid down.  I don’t care for the front door handles after all so I need to find something else and hopefully the holes that we have drilled in the door will line up with the new handle.  We had already planned for Tom the metalworking artist to create covers for the incorrectly drilled holes so it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  The existing handles will look great on the new gates that will be made from wood but designed to look like the front door.  Slowly and painfully we are making progress.

From Lewis:

We are so close. The delay in making a decision on the floors has added weeks to the project and put us at a standstill. Hopefully the stucco guys will be back soon so we can get rid of the scaffolding. I’m sure the brown coat has cured by now. We are not changing anything at this point. I thought the handle was a little too funky to begin with but I lost the deciding opinion to ”It’ll makes a statement”.

Yes it has been a hard few weeks and tensions are high.…

What should we call our 16’ long counter, bar, island?

The "tape method" pulls drawers open.

The “tape method” pulls drawers open.

What could possibly go wrong with detailed instructions like this, right?

What could possibly go wrong with detailed instructions like this, right?

Someone must have sticky feet.

Someone must have sticky feet.

The 16' long counter/bar/isalnd needs a name.  Suggestions?

The 16′ long counter/bar/island needs a name. Suggestions?

10 Responses to This is progress?

  1. Lynda MARTINELLI Rahaeuser says:

    “Mad Men” Bar. It looks fabulous Janelle & Lewis!!!!

  2. julie mcfad says:

    call it the peace bar…glad you’re almost done…fearing the “tensions are high” statement! and most most definittely sending love you two insane kiddos! besos!

    • Tensions have been high but the waters were calm over the weekend. All is good, we just need to FINISH! Remember, this is Remodeling Purgatory; we knew (kind of!!) what we were getting into, just not that it would take forever….. I like the Peace Bar….

  3. Dana Jones says:

    Shirley? Sorry, first thing that came to mind — an old “Airplane” reference. Actually, I would call it what it is — the island. “Continent” is also an option, but too many syllables.

  4. Colleen says:

    We have a ming style coffee table that is huge. I named it “the big ass coffee table”. Perhaps “the big ass island?” LOL

  5. Susan says:

    Call it Cheers!

  6. Those are all great; Mad Men Bar, The Island, or Big Ass Island but it would probably just get shortened to Big Ass. 🙂 We had planned to do a Beer Slide down the bar but couldn’t get it together before the floors were treated so maybe the Beer Slide Bar?

  7. dee says:

    longfellow or whities bar

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