I’m a Square

From Janelle:

I’m a square.    Not that my personality is a square (although maybe some think so) but I love squares.  And circles.  And sometimes hourglass shapes but I’m not crazy about triangles or rectangles although our front door is covered with them.  My square fetish started years ago in our guest bath and that fixation continued when we remodeled our laundry room last year; Disney wallpaper embellished with sparkly four-sided figures with cubed wire shapes floating in glass boxes illuminating the space and the tetragon theme continued when we started the downstairs remodel with square recessed lights for a little added pizzazz.

I’ve never been a big recessed lighting fan but unless your ceiling is littered with chandeliers or hanging lights or have mercy, track lighting, they’re necessary.  Our A/V guy recommended “invisible speakers” since the ceiling is so cluttered and if we ever get the stereo system hooked up we’ve been assured that they will sound amazing.

After that I got a bit off course and hourglass/oblongs became the shapes of the moment resulting in a woman’s silhouette etched in marble on the fireplace and oblong chandeliers and perhaps in the couch fabric but I think I’ve changed my mind on that one.

The shape movement has looped back to circles.  The guest bath sink, toilet, cabinets, and doors are shaped as or embellished with one.  The stair railing will be a mesh of 4” OD (outside diameter) stainless rings and when it is in I will count each one.  I’m leaning towards a 70’s green circular patterned couch fabric and of course, the orange bubble tile is covered with circles.  Maybe I’m not a square after all.

From Lewis:

If I were going to pick your shape it would be curved in all the right spots so let it all out.

What is your shape and what is your favorite photo here?

Glittery Disney wallpaper

Glittery Disney wallpaper

Laundry room light

Laundry room light

Laundry room chandelier

Laundry room chandelier

Square recessed lights

Square recessed lights

Potential hourglass shape couch fabric but maybe too formal

Potential hourglass shape couch fabric but maybe too formal

Guest bath sink

Guest bath sink

Guest bath toilet

Guest bath toilet

orange bubble tile

orange bubble tile

2 Responses to I’m a Square

  1. Dee Wood says:

    Janelle — Love the creativity & contrasts — round to rectangle = interesting! The bold colors are fun & retro!
    Nice comment, Lewis — curved in all the right spots – so let it all out? — … like really?

  2. Hey, I love that equation!

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