Are We DONE Yet?

From Janelle:


Thanks for the incredible feedback on our last post.  Lewis’ last line was the topper and several people remarked that they burst out loud laughing.    We both have a dry sense of humor but twenty-plus years of fire department locker room hilarity have honed his wit in a demented way that only hard worn years could have.  I trade barbs with blue collar guys in the male dominated workforce that I exist in and while I do come up with amazing comebacks, eventually, Lewis is quick and truly hilarious.

In addition to the many positive comments I’ve also received as many complaints that I haven’t done much updating or picture posting and after two weeks (and a million hours at the office) here it is.  This is for you Mary Ann, you always ask for more words!

Are We Done Yet?

It seems like we have been remodeling forever. We tried to keep things moving and stay ahead by ordering supplies in time but there was a miscommunication between all parties regarding replacing ALL stucco in the entry way. “The guys” figured that we wouldn’t touch the garage wall but I want the entry to be “finished” so that when you open the gate there is only FABULOULNESS, not a twenty foot long hideously troweled plaster eyesore. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that we needed to order two more windows so that the new stucco won’t require patching later.

A high wire trapeze act is set to commence at any moment. Aluminum posts covered with years of paint and cement criss cross the entry like bayonets in a military ceremony and platforms stand ready for workers to perform their balancing acts. Regrettably a six to eight week lead time on the windows has delayed any activity until after delivery on May 6.

The cabinets have been painted and the finished doors will be installed next week. One positive outcome of the delay is that spring has arrived and we are not freezing while windows are open to allow paint fumes to float away with the breeze.

The kitchen backsplash, guest bedroom “vanity” backsplash and guest bathroom tile has all be installed and the “orange bubble” tile for the bar is traveling across the sea from Spain. The U.S. distributor went belly up but Lewis managed to track some down after speaking with wholesalers in Spain, Italy and finally someone in Florida who was loading up a shipment. Lewis’ nickname “The Bloodhound” has been reconfirmed.

After the interior walls have been painted (I have my fingers crossed for this week!) we can install the sinks, faucets, garbage disposals, oven, and stove but the bar appliances and refrigerator must wait until after the floors are installed. I know we’re getting close but it is hard to believe that we may actually be able to cook somewhere besides the bathroom soon, very soon. The impending completion date has made it increasingly more difficult to wait. For the first time I am anxious, very anxious about finishing in an I-can-hardly-stand-it-anymore-I’ve-been-very-patient-with-this-lack-of-kitchen-situation-and-I-can-now-actually-SEE-us-cooking-in-the-new-kitchen-and-I-just-can’t-wait-any-more-kind-of-way.

The custom stair railing has been ordered and when that has been installed, the radiant heat will be laid down and last, the hardwood floors. The floors, surprisingly, have been the most difficult decision. We found wood that we like and love the color and the size of the wide planks but a plentitude of knots give it too much of a “farmhouse” feel for my taste. The search continues.

From Lewis:

Yes another 6-8 more weeks for the scaffolding but only because we did not make a decision on the unanswered question that could not be answered because….we knew we would be working in phases that would eventually all tie in together but there has to be a point, a spot, imaginary line where you stop the phase you are in and that decision was made a couple times each adding a delay of some sort due to other choices for that extension of the project. This time it was because we extended the new stucco to the sidewalk and we of course needed to order custom made windows so let’s hope for a May 17 completion date unless????

From Janelle:

There is no good place to stop…..It would have been easier to tear the hose down and start over. Live and learn….

What are you waiting for that feels like it is taking a life time to finish?












6 Responses to Are We DONE Yet?

  1. Lynda MARTINELLI Rahaeuser says:

    WOW,,,,!!!! Can’t wait for an invite!

  2. Jan says:

    Very exciting and looking good! I liked your question at the end, What are you waiting for that feels like a lifetime to finish….made me do some thinking! And I have a long list now…better get busy, at my age I’m in dog years…

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