Buyer’s Remorse Part Deux

January 27, 2013

From Janelle:

While the new blue tile was the overwhelming choice over the amber (thanks to you that voted!), a few friends were vehemently disappointed that the “orange bubble” tile was no longer in the mix.  A fleeting thought had crossed my mind that maybe a tile could be commissioned but it wasn’t until a friend suggested custom tile maker Heath Ceramics that I decided to make it happen.  While the Heath Ceramics doesn’t have what I was looking for there must be a local artisan that can make something similar.  Owner Mina at Visionary Artware may be able to find a ceramic maker that can make my orange dreams come true.  The blue is beautiful but so much of the same color is boring and sometimes it’s just all about orange.

From Lewis:

After looking at the orange bubble tile it has grown on me.  After all I know Janelle looks good in orange.

Funky Orange Discontinued Tile

Funky Orange Discontinued Tile

How much do you love the funky orange tile? 

Buyer’s Remorse

January 20, 2013

From Janelle:

Tile was chosen for the kitchen and bar backsplash last summer but alas, I waited too long to order it and the distributor for the funky orange Spanish tile I’d chosen for the bar has gone belly up.   As we may actually begin dry walling next week I made a resolution to hit a tile store near my office every day at lunch until I’d run out of stores.  I purchased the glass tile for the guest bathroom six, yes six years ago that will be installed during this project.  I wouldn’t choose it again now but I still like it well enough and it will look beautiful and Lewis would have killed me had I scrapped it.  (We had planned to start our remodel back then but my job exploded and I just couldn’t work 60 to 100 hrs a week and focus on a remodel.)

I visited a new store and didn’t really expect success but found something that I’ve never seen before and that always excites me.  And color.  Color always excites me.   An hourglass shape is a recurring theme in the décor I’ve chosen and it’s funny but I’ve always been drawn to circles or squares and hard lines but this more freeform shape has recently garnered my attention.

Refer back to my October 21 Post and let me know how you think these tiles would look with “My Fabulous Retro Light”.  I think that the blue would look best but the other one intrigues me…  There may be a lime green couch and an orange chair; who knows?  Both the kitchen and bar cabinets will be high gloss white with white Caesarstone counters so we’re not restricted by competing colors.  That‘s what art is for.  We have a piece of art with cobalt blue and orange and another one with burnt colors similar to the second tile so I think that they would both fit in beautifully.  Chose one and let me know what you think!

Potential Bar Backsplash Tile in Blue

Potential Bar Backsplash Tile in Blue

Potential Bar Backsplash in Burnt Colors

Potential Bar Backsplash in Burnt Colors

From Lewis:

It’s too bad about the orange tile. It would have looked good as the background for my new kegerator.  I choose the blue tile design that Janelle found and hopefully it will not discontinue before we order it.

Funky Orange Discontinued Tile

Funky Orange Discontinued Tile

Why we decided to start the remodel in the bathroom I can’t answer. But it was planned and all the fixtures and tile were bought from a store that is no longer with us. And of course it was all special order including the European style toilet that the plumbing had to be moved to accommodate it. So yes if Janelle was to decide to not use it after all this time I might be a little mad.

From Janelle:

I was afraid that the tile I had chosen would be discontinued and I guess I thought that we would proceed with the bathroom remodel only and purchased all the fixtures. Let’s hope that the fittings, etc. have not been lost as the models have most likely been discontinued as well!  As it turns out, the tile that I couldn’t live without at the time is the same one that I wouldn’t choose again.

Bathroom Tile I Wouldn't Choose Again

Bathroom Tile I Wouldn’t Choose Again

Which tile would you choose?

Interpretation is Over-rated

January 13, 2013

From Janelle:

At dinner the other night with friends Lewis made a comments that I always say “Let’s ask Contractor Don” and that Contractor Don of serves as an intermediary.   All I have to say is refer to my October 28 Post, “What is the Point?”  It doesn’t do any good for us to discuss how construction will look or play out without the contractor or designer here as we each have a picture in our head and more often than not they are not anywhere close to being the same.  We have so far successfully avoided “Lewis the Interpreter Syndrome” which is better for all of us.  I for one, am tired of this project and the squabbling and we are just starting the hard part; the finish work.  Oh, joy.

From Lewis:

It is so much easier and faster to move onto the next subject than to dwell on it. Things should pick up this week. Hopefully we can keep momentum.

The word Translate on a red computer keyboard key or button to illustrate translation from one language into another through deciphering meaning, transcription or interpretation - stock photo              Several colorful arrow street signs with words Not Me - His, Her and Their Fault, symbolizing the twisting of the truth and shifting of blame - stock photo

Holiday Blues

January 6, 2013

From Janelle:

The holidays are over and work is in full swing.  Not that it had ever stopped and while things did slow down from a gallop to a trot, only three days off while we partied and I worked was exhilarating but exhausting.  It’s time to buckle down again and hang up my Party Girl hat.

Christmas decorations were stored in the attic with care in the hopes that remodeled walls soon would be there.  While we didn’t pull out the tinsel and tree ornaments we did, however manage to string some outside lights.  We disparage naked and dark homes in the neighborhood and couldn’t succumb to the temptation to avoid the hassle, even for one year.  Hooville won’t be marred by Grinches living in this house!

In years past I’ve hurriedly opened holiday cards sent by friends and loved ones daily but later savoring a moment to sort through them after Christmas, tossing the ordinary, laughing at the humorous and filing away for future amusement cards with actual photos of friends, gazing in wonderment at how much their children have grown.  Christmas Eve this year found me tearing open envelopes for the first time, pondering what I should do with them.  Should I dig out the filing box containing years of faded photo cards, throw them in one of the decoration boxes in the attic bound with a rubber band for proper attention next year or round file them?

From Lewis:

 Being partially disabled for the holidays made the request to put lights up a hard one to accept for two reasons.  First the decorations were put in the back of storage that I was in no shape to dig for.  Second I would have needed help to put any lights up because I’m no better than a one handed wallpaper hanger but we were able to get some assistance and put up some lights.  Now Janelle can take them down.

From Janelle:

Oy vey, I hadn’t thought about taking them down.  Many houses in our neighborhood, us included, still have their lights blazing away…Lewis needs to get better soon!  Oh, and for the record, I never asked him to do it.  A very nice friend offered to help us out.  Thanks JT!

What do you do with your Christmas cards; toss or sentimentally retain them?

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