United We Stand

From Janelle:

Our last post was heated and I could feel gasps shooting through the Internet like sparks flying off a welder’s torch.  This is a love story in a twisted kind of way, a true relationship story, a life story.  We all go to work or about our daily lives and put on our happy face, donning a smile as an accessory, meet others for drinks, dinner, nod, laugh, all is good.  The reality of life is that there are conflicts and how we deal with them is what matters. 

The installers reversed the windowpanes yesterday and each guy asked the same question, “Really, you want the textured side out not the smooth side?”  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!  I studied the panes when I got home tonight and it looks FABULOUS!  Yes, I noticed and YES I would have cringed every time I walked through the door if it had not been “corrected” and now diffused light light plays off textured glass rather than bouncing every which way into the night.

The chainmail in our armor has been repaired, the blood wiped away, a Band-Aid patched the wound without stitches and we are once again united, us against the world, a natural smile in place, no painted on accessories necessary.

From Lewis:

I think there is still a dent in my armor. Luckily my skin is thick.  Once again there is balance in the house.  Or as close as it can get for now.

            How thick is your skin?  What type of armor do you wear?

What do you think?

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