Just Because I’m a Woman Doesn’t Mean I’m Dumb

September 23, 2012

To Contractor Don,

 I visited a fireplace store on my lunch break today.  I was informed in no uncertain terms what an ignorant, clueless female I am and how dare I waste the salesman’s time asking inane questions.

 We could use some direction as I’m not really sure what I’m looking at in the brochures, however, I am, according to this not so kind gent, apparently dumb.

 Thanks.  Janelle


Wow, sounds like the owner needs to get rid of that sales person or ??

I know brochures are quite difficult to get a complete idea, and I have asked my sales guy to come by. 



Did you have Cheerios for breakfast?

September 16, 2012

I got out of the shower the other day and stepped on something.  “What is that?” I wondered, pulling a round and oatmeal colored object off the bottom of my foot. 


“Lewis, did you have Cheerios for breakfast?”


“Yes, why?” 


“I found one on the bathroom floor.” 


“I looked for it but couldn’t find it.  I figured that you would find it!”



Sex in the Morning Sounds Like a Good Thing

September 9, 2012

Janelle’s Morning:

7:30 Lewis came home from work to find me oversleeping.  Woke me up for a quicky.
8:00 Showered.  Washed hair.
8:30 Ready to run out the door to work.  The front door is boarded over, scaffolding is obstructing one side of the house and the other is blocked with misc “stuff”.
8:32 Persuaded Lewis to help me move said “stuff” so that friends can come over tomorrow while he is at work.  They wear heels. Climbing through scaffolding is not acceptable.  He was not amused.
8:33 Asked Lewis to un-padlock the non-functional patio heater on the side of the house.
8:35 Asked Lewis to un-padlock the non-functional patio heater on the side of the house.
8:40 Asked Lewis to un-padlock the non-functional patio heater on the side of the house.
8:44 Lewis pointed out there is another way out of the house.  Trekked out that way and got tons of dirt in my work shoes.
8:45 Got into car as contractor and “heater guy” showed up.
8:50 Contractor asked Lewis to un-padlock the non-functional patio heater on the side of the house.
9:00 Meeting with “heater guy” was halted so Lewis could un-padlock the non-functional patio heater on the side of the house.  Padlock was removed.
9:30 Asked “demo guys” to remove non-functional patio heater on the side of the house and remove with other debris.
9:32 Off to work very late!  Yeah, it’s Friday!

Lewis’s Morning:

7:45 Showered and dressed after quicky.
7:46 Paid bills.
7:55 Was asked to watch some design show.
8:32 Was ordered to clear way for Janelle to get out of house and for women with heals to walk in on Saturday.
8:33 Heard familiar noise.
8:35 Heard something???
8:40 What IS that noise???
8:44 Told Janelle to inform her guests that they should not wear heals in a construction zone.  And pointed out to Janelle that there is another side of the house that she obviously forgot about that she can walk out of with no problem.  She asked “Why didn’t you tell me that before?”
8:45 Just confirmed I’m married to a crazy lady.
9:15 Asked demo guys to throw away patio heater, take plywood off front door to make rubbish removal easier and to create a temporary door.
9:35 Sat outside with contractor and heater guy enjoying the nice quiet morning.

The Feeeling is MUTUAL!

I need out of my house! Gotta go to work!

Love note from my smarty alec husband

Love note from my smarty alec husband

A door where the front door belongs so I can get out!

A door where the front door belongs so I can get out!

Inspiration Lies in Odd Places

September 2, 2012

We met with the contractor and cabinetmaker last week to review the plans that were finalized a year ago. When I said we have been moving slowly, I wasn’t kidding!  When meeting with the “Dream Team” as I call them last year (designers Dana Jones and Cynthia Pastor)  to discuss integrating the guest bathroom glass tile, toilet, sink and faucets that I had purchased five years before with the new vibe of the project, I had an epiphany; Room Service! I love modern and retro and our new pad will be both.  Home of amazing reproduction 60’s and 70’s period pieces, Room Service provided the perfect inspiration for my super mod guest bath vanity. 

I just realized we will need door puls.  Ugh, more shopping! Luckily, Cynthia has great contacts and will source something fabulous!

From Lewis:

I think I could have had everything already picked out and bought. Unfortunately I am not your typical designer with artistic flair.  Janelle on the other hand has an eye for what she likes and would have done fine on her own but she needs to have confirmation that her ideas work. Anything I would have picked wouldn’t have her “vision” even if I thought that it looked good. 

Room Service Inspiration

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