Chef Gordon Ramsey for Dinner Please!

From Janelle

A fantastic by-product of not having a kitchen is that we have been guests of friends for dinner.  We haven’t had to order much pizza or take out as it seems every night that we have a dinner engagement.  John and Cindy made homemade pesto pasta and tri tip, Todd and Joan prepared a wonderful summer BBQ, Linda and Rainer hosted a creative pizza party where I reconnected with old friends and met new ones and the invitations keep coming.

I saw a post that Gordon Ramsey, the foul mouthed and bad tempered British chef’s latest target for his “Kitchen Nightmares” program would be making over a local restaurant.  I managed to get on the guest list and since Lewis was working, headed out with a couple girlfriends, Kathy and Val (My Gal Pal Val as Lewis calls her).

The food was horrendous.  I’d been there a couple times and while it was never anything special, this time it was inedible.  Ramsey has his work cut out for him.

 You hear reality stars say “After a while you just don’t see the camera any more” and you think, “Right”.  We had a camera focused on us for two minutes and after one, forgot about it.  Maybe there is reality in TV after all! Or, maybe it was the wine….

There is a slim chance that we will be on the show but it doesn’t matter, we had a super fun evening.  New friends, old friends, girlfriends.

From Lewis:

Janelle’s “Will work for food” email she sent out is working. Many people thought it was a joke or spam, but we have been getting invites from friends, both new and old. The email went like this:

Subject: Will Work for Food (This is not a joke)

We have no kitchen. We will work in yours for our dinner. Dine in or dine out, your choice. We’re available!

Janelle & Lewis

Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares

Our Kitchen

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