Every Glass has a Place

From Janelle

I’ve been packing little by little, sorting through what we can put away and what we will be using but when I’m at work, Lewis boxes up things that I’m not yet ready for.   I’m going through EVERYTHING and cleaning things out as I go.  Goodwill is making a killing on kitchen goods.  I’ve labeled the boxes and as my friend, designer Tracy Metro suggested, created a spreadsheet listing all the contents of each box so that if I need something I can find it. Lewis gets antsy and is pushing me to throw everything into a container without a set project start date but why?  What is the rush?  We still don’t know when we will start so let’s keep the kitchen functional until then!

I love my beautiful dishes, serving plates and glasses.  Neat cocktails are served in double old fashioned glasses, mixed cocktails in high balls, martinis served either shaken or stirred in chilled martini glasses, various wine varietals or liquors in their properly shaped glass, bread bowls, crudité platters, vegetable bowls, salad bowls and an olive dish to serve, well, olives….

Lewis wanted to set up our temporary kitchen with only paper and plastic goods.  This project may take a YEAR; is he nuts?  I can’t eat on paper plates for a year!  I set up a bookcase in our bedroom with four each of the most pertinent items.  Four because like it or not, we may not do dishes every day and if one gets broken I don’t want to dig another one out of the attic.  And no, I can’t do without it.

From Lewis

I just hate having so much to do and not be able to do anything. I’m accustomed to taking on a task and plowing through it. I have to admit that the small assortment of accessories is nice but now that we have settled upstairs what would have been the difference of packing up one or two weeks earlier? We were pressed for time the final week. I made at least a hundred trips upstairs to either the bedroom or the attic but it is nice to be comfortable in our “two room apartment”. I can eat a filet mignon on a paper plate as long as the beer is cold and the wine is good!

From Janelle

The last week is always a push, no matter what.  Thanks for doing the heavy lifting babe.  However, I disagree that we should have put everything away a couple weeks earlier; I enjoyed using my kitchen until the very last day!

dishes, glasses, serving pieces, work, moving, high balls, double old fashioned, wine glasses

A little luxury is always worth the effort.

What do you think?

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