We Have Critters!

July 28, 2012

From Janelle

The power had gone out earlier and the house was dark when we came home from an evening out.   I went into the office to return a couple emails and noticed that the trash can had been tipped over.

“Did you knock over the trash can in the office?”   “Nooooo, why?”  “Someone or something was in here.”   Lewis quickly scoped out the surroundings and discovered that we had indeed had another visitor.  Our bathroom trash was knocked over as well and the granola box had been opened and cereal strewn about.  It probably wasn’t enough of a mess for a raccoon so maybe it was another possum?

I sent the contractor an email:


 Someone’s been knocking over trash cans in the house.  The sooner the doors and windows are installed the better.  We’d like to be a critter free zone!

 Thanks, Janelle

From Lewis

Now I have someone to blame the missing heart shaped planter on!

Contractor Don

Chef Gordon Ramsey for Dinner Please!

July 22, 2012

From Janelle

A fantastic by-product of not having a kitchen is that we have been guests of friends for dinner.  We haven’t had to order much pizza or take out as it seems every night that we have a dinner engagement.  John and Cindy made homemade pesto pasta and tri tip, Todd and Joan prepared a wonderful summer BBQ, Linda and Rainer hosted a creative pizza party where I reconnected with old friends and met new ones and the invitations keep coming.

I saw a post that Gordon Ramsey, the foul mouthed and bad tempered British chef’s latest target for his “Kitchen Nightmares” program would be making over a local restaurant.  I managed to get on the guest list and since Lewis was working, headed out with a couple girlfriends, Kathy and Val (My Gal Pal Val as Lewis calls her).

The food was horrendous.  I’d been there a couple times and while it was never anything special, this time it was inedible.  Ramsey has his work cut out for him.

 You hear reality stars say “After a while you just don’t see the camera any more” and you think, “Right”.  We had a camera focused on us for two minutes and after one, forgot about it.  Maybe there is reality in TV after all! Or, maybe it was the wine….

There is a slim chance that we will be on the show but it doesn’t matter, we had a super fun evening.  New friends, old friends, girlfriends.

From Lewis:

Janelle’s “Will work for food” email she sent out is working. Many people thought it was a joke or spam, but we have been getting invites from friends, both new and old. The email went like this:

Subject: Will Work for Food (This is not a joke)

We have no kitchen. We will work in yours for our dinner. Dine in or dine out, your choice. We’re available!

Janelle & Lewis

Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares

Our Kitchen

There’s a Possum in my House!

July 12, 2012

From Janelle

Just barely 2 days after the demo began, we had a visitor.  Irritated by the interruptions to their daily naps while workmen are here, the kitties have begun peeing in the house and have thus been relegated to the balcony.  They enjoy sunshine, birds and fresh air during the day and come in to their normal perch on the office couch at night with the screen door left ajar allowing them to wander in and out as they please during the evening.

We were getting ready for bed and I heard Lewis in the office.   It sounded like he was throwing things around, rustling papers and moving furniture?  When I started to enter the room the door slammed shut.  “Why are you closing the door?” I asked.  “There’s a POSSUM in here!” he shouted.  “What!?!”  “Go get a broom, come in here and help me herd him out!”  All I could think was that I was wearing just a nightie and no shoes.  Did I think he would run up and bite my toes?  Maybe!

I cautiously entered the room, the broom held in front of my feet.  The cats were both there, not afraid or fur standing on end, just casually inspecting the imposter.  Every time the possum would get close to the open screen door he would run back in again.  I inched closer with my broom and he eyed me from the doorway, once again standing his ground.  He took a step towards me and….I screamed.  I made a sound I had never heard myself make before and I kept making it, the high pitched sound bouncing off the walls, the possum’s beady eyes meeting mine.  I’m sure he thought to himself, “This lady is nuts, I’m outta here” as he exited and scampered away.

Isn’t there a better way to discover that the cats are not hunters?

 From Lewis

 After all these years, I have never heard Janelle yell that loud and at the same time, squeal like a little girl.  It was so cute and she scared the shit out of it.

Where is the Heart Shaped Planter my Brother Gave Me?

July 8, 2012


From Janelle

We have FINALLY, after 5 years of planning and almost a year of living with cardboard boxes in the living room, begun our project. The demo guys came and wow, they work fast.  Maybe too fast.

I’m at work during the week.  Lewis is at often at home.  We talk several times a day.  Why does he REFUSE to call and ask me pertinent things like, “Do you want the heart shaped cement planter that your brother and his wife gave you as a gift before I even knew you? I told the demo guys it was ok to throw it in the trash.”  Need I say more?

 From Lewis

I was framed!!! The demo guy said that because he was scared of you.  He tossed it or took it home. The truth is they work fast and we did not know they were going to demo that side of the wall yet so unfortunately we did not pick it up and put it away.  Come on, I know better than that.

 From Janelle

We should have known they would clear the entry way but it was landscaping and we did not think about it.  But seriously, someone could have asked, “Do you want this?”

crime scene, stolen, theif, planter, heart shaped planter, planter, heart, demo

The Crime Scene.  No photos have materialized of the missing merchandise.

Every Glass has a Place

July 6, 2012

From Janelle

I’ve been packing little by little, sorting through what we can put away and what we will be using but when I’m at work, Lewis boxes up things that I’m not yet ready for.   I’m going through EVERYTHING and cleaning things out as I go.  Goodwill is making a killing on kitchen goods.  I’ve labeled the boxes and as my friend, designer Tracy Metro suggested, created a spreadsheet listing all the contents of each box so that if I need something I can find it. Lewis gets antsy and is pushing me to throw everything into a container without a set project start date but why?  What is the rush?  We still don’t know when we will start so let’s keep the kitchen functional until then!

I love my beautiful dishes, serving plates and glasses.  Neat cocktails are served in double old fashioned glasses, mixed cocktails in high balls, martinis served either shaken or stirred in chilled martini glasses, various wine varietals or liquors in their properly shaped glass, bread bowls, crudité platters, vegetable bowls, salad bowls and an olive dish to serve, well, olives….

Lewis wanted to set up our temporary kitchen with only paper and plastic goods.  This project may take a YEAR; is he nuts?  I can’t eat on paper plates for a year!  I set up a bookcase in our bedroom with four each of the most pertinent items.  Four because like it or not, we may not do dishes every day and if one gets broken I don’t want to dig another one out of the attic.  And no, I can’t do without it.

From Lewis

I just hate having so much to do and not be able to do anything. I’m accustomed to taking on a task and plowing through it. I have to admit that the small assortment of accessories is nice but now that we have settled upstairs what would have been the difference of packing up one or two weeks earlier? We were pressed for time the final week. I made at least a hundred trips upstairs to either the bedroom or the attic but it is nice to be comfortable in our “two room apartment”. I can eat a filet mignon on a paper plate as long as the beer is cold and the wine is good!

From Janelle

The last week is always a push, no matter what.  Thanks for doing the heavy lifting babe.  However, I disagree that we should have put everything away a couple weeks earlier; I enjoyed using my kitchen until the very last day!

dishes, glasses, serving pieces, work, moving, high balls, double old fashioned, wine glasses

A little luxury is always worth the effort.

Floating Bar Tug of War

July 4, 2012


From Janelle:

I came home to find our bar dismantled, wrapped in a moving blanket and along with almost everything else we own, stacked against the living room wall.  What the *&%$#@!? It’s a beautiful bar, two shelves of elongated kidney shaped glass float on stainless legs, but it must be sold.  I’m sad to see it go but we won’t need it any longer when the new bar is built into the cabinetry.  It was dismantled with no photo taken.  How are we supposed to sell it when we don’t have a decent photo?  And what was the rush?  We haven’t been able to get a quote on the doors and windows from the supplier and apparently (this was news to us and would have been helpful to know before we packed up our house) there’s no point in starting demo until the windows are days away from delivery. Lewis knew that I wouldn’t want to take it apart yet so he did it while I was at work.  We talk several times a day yet no mention of this was made.  What the *&%$#@!?

From Lewis:

At one point there was a rush to pack things up.  In fact, there has been a rush off and on for the last four months. Since I am trying to get things packed and have been very limited on what I’ve been allowed to pack “unsupervised”.  Everything is going to the garage, why is it so difficult to part with? And also, I was ready at this point to move the bar inventory upstairs. In fact, the kegerator should probably have beer restocked also!  Anyway, I knew the bar had to go so I did it. That’s my explanation!!!!

bar, fight, floating, glass, martini

We put it back together. Bar for sale!

Bar in the bedroom, complete with portable ice maker

Bedroom bar, completely stocked

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